Tropical Photo Shoot
March 01, 2011
by jermangarc

Elinelia and Fernando

Well, almost a complete vacation. One of the reasons we took our vacation to Puerto Rico was to do some portrait work. We just can’t seem to get away from shooting!

We had a wonderful time with Fernando and Elinelia. They are expecting a baby and she’s about 5 months. We started shooting at their place and made our way up north to San Juan to do some shots at the historic San Juan fort.

Funny thing while we were there. While we were walking up to the fort, I separated from the couple for a while to scout some spots so that we could cut down on walking distance (since she is pregnant) and I got stopped by a security officer. I was able to talk my way out of any problems, but it seems that you need a permit to do any professional photography in Old San Juan. But we were ok to proceed and got some cute pictures.