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BELLAH VISTA ( 1. beautiful scenery. )


The first impression is everything. Presenting a polished, professional image that speaks directly to your target audience, evokes maximum engagement. Everything in that image, quality, subject matter, color, saturation, mood will help captivate that audience and in turn – increasing conversions.





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Providing QUALITY images has a lot of VALUE for your customers viewing your products. It’s the first impression they get when they visit your site, and usually the tipping point which CONVERTS into sales.


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Advanced Lighting

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People are emotionally attached to their vehicles. Polished, professional and beautiful images fuels people’s imaginations and emotions before they even walk into the showroom.


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Scrumptious, mouth-watering and tasteful imagery. There’s a certain elegance to world class culinary food that warrants that same elegance when it comes to capturing it.

From MY Clients
Creating quality imagery to help my clients with their conversions.  Here are a few that I have had the pleasure to work with.

“Mr. Garcia is one of the most dynamically creative photographers I’ve ever met. He’s worked on two projects and they both look phenomenal; I’ve been getting great compliments on both of my sites. He is transparent, very professional and a joy to work with!”

Brian Finocchio

Former CEO, Living Matrix CBD

“Jermaine is a highly creative individual who I have worked with in a variety of capacities in photography… always a pleasure to work with. He takes initiative to clearly understand what the client wants, is flexible in the face of changing demands, and always delivers a high quality final product.”

Cathleen Otero

Program Director, Children and Family Futures

“It has been my pleasure to be a client of Mr. Garcia and I look forward to doing further work with him in the near future… Mr. Garcia is very intuitive, he’s able to capture your vision from words, he has a good eye for photography, detail and design.. I am very pleased with him as well as his work.”

Curtis Carter

Owner, CmusicNme

“Not only did Jermaine create amazing images for our website, he took the time to teach us how to take better photos for our new website so we could do updates ourselves. He made the whole process and experience a smooth and pleasant one.”

Herman Body

Owner, Zero2Sixty Experience

MY SkillsET

Certified in Photography (2010-2015). Mastery in the Craft of Lighting. Specialized in Advanced Photocomposition, Manipulation, Retouching, and Color Correction.
I have a great interest in visual communication through photography and video. My goal as a commercial photographer and photo editor is to create lasting impressions for my clients. With over 15 years of experience and certifications in these fields, I have gathered the tools and resources to streamline my workflow and help solve my client’s challenges. After reviewing my portfolio, it will be clear that I can enhance your company’s public image through quality imagery.
  • Photography – 90%
  • LIGHTING – 90%
  • Editing – 90%



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