Welcome to our blog, we are so excited to finally have it up and running! This blog is our new platform to keep everyone up to speed with our latest projects and events. Make sure you check back often to take advantage of tips, special offers and promotions.

“What’s your IMAGE?” is our slogan and it’s how the creation process at Bellah Vista begins. We ask our clients both in business and portrait photography: “What’s the IMAGE you want to portray to the world?” in essence: “What’s your IMAGE?”. If you know exactly what you want but just don’t know how to put it into action, or you just simply have no idea, that’s where we come in.

We’ll help you along the way with a short and easy interview where we’ll extract your likes, personality and put it all on paper (actually digital; we try not to use too much paper – trying to do our part!). We will then put all of that information and create an image that you will just love to show off.

Our newly launched site has our latest portfolio and information regarding your session before you meet with us. Also recently launched, is our site a where you will also find our latest portfolio and information regarding how to use our products to help sell your business. We invite you to look around and see how we can create an IMAGE for you!